german is beautiful!

german is easy

lessons can be organized 

individually according to the needs and the language level.

for beginners

for beginners with speech levels 

a1-a2, we intensively practice the 

sentence construction and the 

expansion of vocabulary.

for intermediates

intermediate students,

from level b1-b2, study and 

improve their free speech and 

deepen their grammatical knowledge.

for experts

and the "experts", starting at level c1, intensify 

their pronunciation and learn more colloquial speechesmore sentence connections

and deepen or expand their country knowledge.

for individuals

 whether you want to prepare for an examan interview or a presentation at work

we will help you

private lessons are available 

at any time. just choose an hour and give us your topic.

for zoomers

the advantage of study german with daf-show via zoom or take one of our german courses is

that you can take lessons from your home or from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. zoom id "950 064 7196". 


 why don't you try and take a trial lesson for free


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