Intermediate Level 1

Deutsch B1


on going skills

you have sufficient language resources to cope; the vocabulary will be sufficient to be able to express yourself, albeit sometimes hesitantly and with the help of rewrites



family, hobbies and interests, work, manners in business, travel and current events, arrange appointments, feelings and characteristics


german from the beginning

in the courses, only the target language german is used


get up, travel by car, be on time, working conditions, habits, complain, take action, capacity, means of transport, express suspicions, food and wishes


past tenses, verbs with prepositions, modal verbs, conditional, passive constructions, declination and comparative of adjectives, relative clauses, noun-verb connections, temporal clause


describe a graphic, make a small talk, formulate hypotheses, draft copywriting, rules of German spelling, report traffic problems, talk about feelings, justify something and name consequences