Intermediate Level 2

Deutsch B2


superior conversation level

understand the content of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics and technical discussions. communicate spontaneously and fluently that a normal conversation with native speakers is well possible.



persons and cv's, between the cultures, work & study, time & activity, tension & relaxation, technology & trends, health & environment


german from the beginning

in the courses, only the target language german is used


get to know each other, interpersonal relationships, describe statistics, cultural differences, meetings and correspondence, special activities and hobbies, news from all over the world, technology and products, environment as a burden etc.


past tense forms of regular and irregular verbs, causal and consecutive data, local prepositions, subjunctive: courtesy and irreality, repression of verbs, word position in the sentence, temporal adjectives, indirect speech, passive and replacement form etc.


lead a discussion, write a personal letter, write a detailed cv, talk about your own living situation, give advice on traveling, give a short presentation, talk about living and working abroad, formulate compliments and encouragements, present an agenda, talk about leisure activities and reading habits, summarize a text, write a short story etc.