Superior Level 1

Deutsch C1

competent language usage

you will reach a wide range of resources selecting appropriate language to express yourself clearly and appropriately on a wide range of general, academic, professional or leisure topics, nothing in what you want to say to have to restrict.



emotions, successes and defeats / progress and environment / realm of senses / history and politics / effect of art / life paths: what brings the future and risk research


german from the beginning

in the courses, only the target language german is used


express surprise or anger /  structure statements / recite poetry / describe a graphic / exercise subsequent criticism / describe advantages and disadvantages and to describe consequences / give a lecture on nutritional problems / discuss and express opinions / formulate book reviews / formulate life wisdom and predictions


past forms / sentences / adjectives with prepositions / conditional / modal verbs in conjectural meaning / relative clause / participial attributes / participles and adjectives as nouns / nominalisation / passive and substitutes / nouns with peculiarities


understanding and writing content-related reading texts, understanding and writing a short story, writing an opinion on job satisfaction, naming pros and cons, writing an essay on organic food, writing advice for a good speaker, discussing image manipulation, describing changes, write a letter to a newspaper