training & preparation


how is my exam structured? what do I need to pass it? we share our experiences as examiners with you in our training-set



do i have all the skills to pass the exam? telc or goethe? who will coach my mock exam? take our preparation package



i'm sure that i will pass the exam. i'm prepared. your confidence is our task

telc exams

even when you have reached the necessary cefr level, you will want to know what exactly is expected from you in the exam. we will give you all information about the test structure, the rating criteria, the marks needed to pass and the exam procedure

goethe exams

the german exams offered by the goethe-institut are internationally recognised and cater for all levels: from a1 for beginners to c2 for the highest language level


other exams

your individual training for your desired language certificate of the german language. We train your knowledge in the core competences grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension as well as written and oral expression