Elementary Level 1

Start Deutsch 1 - Deutsch A1

start with german

Would you like to learn the German language? You'll see, it's really simple. If you do not have any language skills, this is the right course for you. So, let's start!



  • introduce yourself and others
  • ask and answer simple questions
  • give personal information
  • basic skills in food, shopping, orientation in the city, weather, leisure, travel and reservations.



german from the beginning

in the courses, only the target language german is used


countries, continents, nationalities, languages, alphabet, expressions (how are you, where do you come from, where do you live etc.), greetings


personal pronouns (i, you, he, she, it etc.), interrogative pronouns (who, how, what, which, where etc.), basic verbs (to be, to come, to speak, to write etc.)


introduce yourself and others, say where you come from, say which languages you speak, spell something etc.

Elementary German Course "Deutsch A1"
the elementary german level and its structure
Struktur Kurs Deutsch A1.pdf
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Start Deutsch A1

Elementary Level 1. You learn everyday expressions / You will understand simple sentences and use them / You learn how to introduce yourselve and others and to ask other people questions about their person / You are able to communicate in a simple way

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